When you look at Grenada above the lush waters you notice tropical flora, rare flora and lush rain forests with excellent hiking opportunities. However when you look beyond and below water, this place that is called the Caribbean Shipwreck Capital offers amazing and outstanding wrecks as well as the famous Sculpture Park. This destination is popular world-wide with so much to offer any tourist.

As the largest of three islands, Grenada offers diving predominantly along the south and west coasts where the Atlantic and Caribbean meets. Divers wanting to escape the seascape enjoy relaxing on the quieter Carriacou Island or experience the wall dives, lush coral reefs and wrecks underwater.

The even smaller Petite Martinique only house 800 people which can only be entered via boat and another top place where divers love to wander the culture and tradition of Martinique after a glorious day diving Grenada seas.

Divers have multiple options in terms of accommodation for example most resorts have their own dive center such as the Calabash hotel with the ScubaTech Dive Center. Cruise ships often dock in St. George from where dive centers collect visitors too. Sailing yacht charters are very popular in Grenada with a myriad of anchorages and bays waiting to be explored.

It is one of the world’s year-round destinations with air and water similar ranging between 75 and 85F. Cooler weather are from November to February with dry seasons from January until May, however all these months are ideal for scuba diving.

The off-peak months in Grenada offer great diving conditions as tropical storms might damper diving which usually only lasts around an hour and those months are from August to October. All the dive centers recommend to divers to wear a dive suit of minimum 3mm even though 5mm is better for deep and long dives.