Top Easy Reefs to Add to Your Agenda

As far as reefs go there are plenty to explore with some of the best ones listed here:

FLAMINGO BAY which is a must dive especially for new divers and as part of the Marine Park it is a photographer’s paradise with vibrant coral and tropical fish.

HAPPY VALLEY is also inside the Marine Park and part of a large wall with large amounts of sea whips and fans which attract magnificent species like scorpion fish and moray eels. On the wall edge you are accompanied by shoals of fish with Barracudas on a distance watching divers.

U.W SCULPTURES is an easy but must see reef for all divers regardless of experience level. It is the first underwater sculpture park in the Caribbean with sculptures placed first depicting the local history with the first sculptures placed in 2006, artists continuously add more with time. It is a gallery that changes continuously with its sea life and growth and being a shallow dive it is an excellent opportunity to add it to inexperienced diver’s list.

DRAGON BAY has shallow rock formations and deeper gullies yet very easy to dive, it is home to green moray, French angelfish, snappers and lobsters too.

GRAND MAL is awesome especially after you dived Hildur wreck close by. A short swim from the wreck is Grand Mal which is a huge pillar coral that attracts grouper and octopus.

THE VALLEYS has its name from coral fingers extending from valleys of sand that resembles an underwater island with exquisite fish life and critters. It is the home of Bridled Burr fish and webbed Burr fish too.
NORTHERN EXPOSURE is inherently a huge sand patch and excellent opportunities for photographers interested in star eyed hermits, giant hermit, banded jaw fish and garden eels.

DR. GROOMS offers diver’s very diverse species of fish such as porcupine fish, sand divers, moray eels, lobsters and nudibranchs. Critters like oscillated box crab, three- ridge snapping shrimp and orange gill Doris are also found here.

BOSS REEF has outstanding coral and this is a reef with probably the most exotic and diverse species which include harlequin bass, glass eye snapper, rock hind and stag horn, elk horn, brain coral, finger coral and plate coral.