Easy and Intermediate Wrecks to Dive

The newest wreck of the Eastern Caribbean in Grenada is the Falcon, a 42 feet fishing trawler. After it underwent repairs at the spice isle marine services it met its fate. It caught fire as soon as it reached Grand Anse Bay and an explosion was avoided due to the fact that the fuel tanks were not filled. Crew members managed to jump over board and even though the fire was extinguished it sank in 20 feet of water.

¼ WRECK is another easy dive as it is only the stem of a large vessel lying in shallow water and home to extraordinary marine life. Divers have the opportunity to explore engine and propeller while viewing nurse sharks and other sea life.

3 PART WRECK is an easy dive that sank in 1991 and got cut up into four parts. It makes a beautiful sight with an abundance of sea life including queen angelfish, barracudas and Lobsters.

VERONICA L is in the easy wreck dive category sunk when she was moored in St. George’s harbour where she was often dived upon for years until 2002. Then she was moved and today rests in soft sponges of green, pink and orange corals and Black Brotula is seen here.

The BUCCANEER which is a 43 feet intermediate dive is a wooden schooner which got sunk intentionally for diving purposes off Molinere point. Covered in black coral and whip it lies on the starboard side at 60 feet deep. The coral causes that marine life is in abundance and exquisite.

The TWIN WRECKS are also intentional wrecks from Peter De Savery after removal from its initial spot in the lagoon when Port Louis Marina was developed and under construction. A small motor vessel and the Fiona were placed 60 feet deep and laying side by side it is home to various species including lizard fish, sting rays and snappers.