Challenging hema 1 and king mitch and the shark reef

Both the KING MITHCH and the HEMA 1 are in the challenging range with the Bianca C. the King Mitch used to be a mine sweeper before the owners turned it into a cargo vessel. The massive monster lies seven miles off shore and is 350 feet long and the depth in which it rests a whopping 122 feet deep.

With the bow pointing to the West and laying on its starboard side the cargo hold is a great place for divers to explore. Aside from carrying cement, divers will notice colognes, nail varnish and cosmetic bottles. It is almost as if her cargo is protected as Barracuda always patrol here as well as huge turtles, nurse sharks, and black tip sharks and spotted eagle rays.

The HEMA 1 is another challenging dive wreck off the southern Grenada coast. Resting three miles off shore this freighter sank on her way back to Trinidad after she unloaded the cargo in St. Georges harbour. On March 5 2005 the German built freighter sank it the last resting place where it still remains. Resting in 100 feet water it is a 170 feet long ship that started taking in water on the island’s Atlantic side and efforts to turn around proofed to be thwarted and she was abandoned to sink. The coast guard could rescue the crew, however today the Hema 1 is adding to the attraction of the Caribbean’s wrecks for challengers.

A popular reef that goes well with these two dives is the Shark reef which are only for the very experienced divers. As diving site it has massive appeal, yet located on the southern coast with exposure to the Atlantic, the currents are strong and sea conditions rough. Challenging yet rewarding with an abundance of sharks, conch, lobsters, eels, rays, and sea turtles.