Advanced wrecks, the shakem, car park, hildur & rhum runner

After a troubled journey from Trinidad, the Shakem cement carrier sank a mile off the harbour in St. George. In 2001 the cement it carried, overbalanced the vessel causing it to sank down to 100feet where it rests upright on its keel and one of the best wrecks to explore as it is fully intact and abundant in sea life too. Wreck lovers love exploring this advanced level ship into galleys, control room, crew quarters and hallways. With black coral growing you will find French angel Fish and Barracuda patrolling it while the ship also has the occasional shark under it.

If advanced but unusual is your diving thing then you must not miss the CAR PARK. In 93 feet of water you will be mesmerized by sunken cars including a VW Camper that forms an artificial reef. It is home to various species including moray eels, barracuda and stingrays and colourful marine life.

The Hildur is an advanced dive with the coastal freighter of 100 feet lying upright in 115 feet of water. It sank in 2007 and forms an artificial reef with little growth on it as it is relatively new but fish species include the occasional stingray and French Angelfish.

The RHUM RUNNER is a wrecked catamaran lying in 99 feet of water with southern stingrays and huge barracudas patrolling the wreck. Another great advanced wreck to explore is the KAPSIS is an advanced dive in the Fisherman’s Paradise reef which used to be a magnificent sailing yacht which sunk after hurricane Ivan hit the shores in September 2004. The reason that it is part of the advanced dice wrecks is the very fast and strong currents. It is a well worth it dive with an abundance of sharks, rays and turtles and other sea life teeming.